Tilt & Turn Windows


Not everybody's choice but a lovely style window to complement any home. With the tilt & turn window you get double action functionality. The window sashes have the ability to tilt inwards at the top for safe and practical ventilation or they will hinge (or turn) inwards to achieve large clear openings. Tilt & turn style windows can achieve fire escape routes easily and also make window cleaning a whole lot simpler.

All of our tilt & turn windows are available in White, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Cream, Black, or any of these colours externally with white internally as standard as well as a further range of foiled finishes.

Main benefits:

- 28mm sealed units as standard
- Argon filled cavities for high efficiency
- Multi chambered 'energy plus' profiles available at no extra cost
- Warm edge spacer bars as standard for high efficiency
- Soft Coat 'low emissivity' glass to internal pane for high efficiency
- Internally beaded for security
- High security tilt & turn locking mechanisms
- 10 year guarantee on UPVC frames and sealed units
- Our windows also come with a choice of furniture colours – white, black, gold, silver or chrome
- Available with lead, Georgian bar or astragal designs

There is also the option to have an extra 'flipper gasket' just for peace of mind particularly in the more exposed regions. This gasket clips into the window rebates and acts as an extra barrier against rainwater ingress - this gasket is unique to our window system.

Triple glazing is also an option which utilizes a 36mm triple glazed unit. Triple glazing should be considered mainly for sound insulation benefits.

Our surveyor will carefully measure your existing windows inside and outside and work out from measurements taken exactly what size the replacement windows should be made. This means that you will always get the best fit with minimal disturbance to your window reveals or external render. Our skilled installers will carefully and sympathetically remove the existing windows to make the experience as painless as possible. The new windows will be installed and all necessary making good will be carried out.

All our replacement UPVC windows are installed fully in accordance with regulations and we are regulated by FENSA.

As always our UPVC windows will come with the major benefit that they will be virtually maintenance-free, they won't rot, rust, peel or flake. Why not consider us today?