Fascias, Soffits and Guttering


We all know the benefits of UPVC (link to UPVC overview pg 4) and we all know the disadvantages of timber – especially when utilised where exposed to the Mother Nature – it will rot, warp, the paint will flake off, and it soon becomes a haven for insects. We also know the disadvantages of cast iron in similar situations - guttering and downpipes will rust and corrode and again the paint will flake off.

And on top of all this, more often than not, it will be very difficult to access these problem areas in order to address the issues and carry out the necessary maintenance work.

That is why UPVC replacement makes so much sense and is such a worthwhile investment.

Existing fascia boards can be over clad with UPVC boards or the timber can be completely removed and replaced with thicker UPVC boards. This depends upon your choice and the condition of the existing timber. There is exactly the same choice with the bargeboards (these form the overhanging gables that protect your brickwork from rain) and the soffits (This is the section that goes underneath the eaves). We can install soffit vents within the soffit boards in order to keep your roof area well ventilated and avoid condensation and damp problems. We offer square, round or ogee UPVC replacement guttering and downpipes to discharge all rainwater clear of the property.

All our fascia boards are available as standard in White, Oak UPVC, Rosewood UPVC, and black UPVC. Soffits are available in corresponding finishes and guttering and downpipes are available in black or white or dark or light brown.
We can also clad any areas where timber may have been used with tongue and groove boarding to ensure that future maintenance of such areas is dramatically reduced.

The many benefits that UPVC roof-line materials offer should always be taken into consideration when next considering having your existing timber materials scraped, filled and painted once again. Also don't forget that scaffolding is very costly (we can take care of this for you) and nobody wants to be paying for it over and over again. UPVC offers and delivers many benefits that timber does not.