Glass options


There are many different glass options to choose from and different factors should be taken into account when making decision on which type to choose – we will of course make our best recommendations to assist those decisions that you make. For example factors that should be considered are:
Will the proposed conservatory face southward or will it be exposed to large amounts of sunlight during the day? Does the proposed conservatory face north or will it be sheltered for much of the day from the sun?
Will the proposed conservatory be used as a habitable room? E.g. dining area

Glass units are available with:
• Tinted interlayers with a choice of blue, bronze, green, grey and neutral tints. These are particularly beneficial in south facing areas to reflect sunlight and stop the conservatory heating up.
• Low emissivity coatings on inner sheets and argon gas filled cavities to stop heat escaping from the room.
• Low iron glass on the outer sheets to maximize solar gain.
• Self cleaning, Pilkington Activ or Saint Gobain Bioclean units that breaks down dirt deposits and then washes glass during rainfall.