Secondary Glazing


Secondary Glazing is usually installed for either one of or both the following reasons.

1. 'My old windows are not very sound proof and noise from outside disturbs me a lot'
2. 'My old windows are very draughty and I think I lose a lot of energy through them'

These problems are an all too common occurrence. Often these older style windows are found in period buildings in inner city areas or next to main roads where noise pollution is prevalent. More often than not the original windows would have to stay in place for conservation reasons and so the obvious solution is to install secondary glazing. Secondary windows come in many different forms - please look though the types and options below and we are confident that we will offer the solution to your problem.

All secondary windows come with many glass options too depending on the desired results. Standard 4mm or 6mm glazing, safety glass where required, low emissivity glass to increase thermal performance and laminated glass available in 6.4mm, 6.8mm and even 11.3mm and 11.5mm to cut out the appropriate levels of noise.

In all installations your existing windows will stay in place and therefore the original character and appearance of your property will be maintained.