Shop Front / Curtain Walling


Curtain Walling is the term used for shop front style facades where slim aluminium sections are used in combination with often large panes of glass. The results are always impressive, clean and uncluttered. However although primarily used for shop fronts it also very suitable for the larger glass facades on domestic buildings especially where a sea view is offered. On the other hand these profiles can also be used to create smaller panes of glass to create a modern square like appearance.

These profiles are available fully thermally broken for domestic use or non-thermally broken for shop fronts where insulating benefits are not so important.

The frame is typically 50mm x 100mm which ensure a clean and consistent look but the actual dimensions of the profile that should be used needs to be calculated for each job depending on the span, height and also the wind loadings that it will be subjected to.

Curtain Walling can be used to fill many areas including floor to ceiling apertures, shaped or gable area and also in combination with matching corner posts. Both opening vents and doors can be integrated into the screens to achieve consistency and practicality.

All the aluminium profiles are available in a huge variety of RAL colours ensuring that you can get the perfect colour to match your internal decor, company image, logo or brand just to name a few.

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